Thursday Treat Day ~ Skin & Teeth

Loofah organic skincare

It's Thursday! and for me that usually means factoring in some time to treat my body to something good and healthy besides food which I love with all my heart. During my latest trip to the health food store I purchased a couple of items that would be perfect for treating my body especially the first item. The first item I got was an organic Egyptian loofah exfoliating bath mitt which was something I had been on the lookout for to replace an old one I had. It was quite hard to find the exact loofah I was after as it needed to have a specific texture and a host of benefits, and I was lucky to be able to find exactly what I was looking for.

Loofahs and especially Egyptian loofahs have a host benefits when used with your favourite natural / organic body wash or shower gel. Some of the benefits are things you probably wouldn't consider at first such as De-Toxing by preventing toxins becoming trapped in the layers of the skin, draining away the toxins and stimulating the lymphatic system. Loofah also has regenerating benefits by stimulating blood flow and renewal of cells which aids skin healing and slowing down aging.
Exfoliation and deep cleansing, helps with the unblocking of pores, removing impurities and residue from the skin whilst also removing dead skin cells and helps good nourishing skin treatments to be absorbed into the skin it also can prevent ingrowing hairs.

 Last but not least using a loofah mitt provides a massaging and de-stressing experience by helping to release endorphins those feel good hormones we all love! it can help deal with anxiety and as a bonus helps break down fatty tissue for smoother and more toned skin. Phew! that is quite a list of benefits to be had from one little mitt, I am so glad to have one incorporated into my body routine, definitely an everyday treat not just for treat Thursday!
As for my second item purchased, it wasn't nearly as exciting but treat worthy non the less, A lovely new toothbrush made entirely from bamboo and biodegradable, good for the mouth and the environment win win!
                                                      ~ E xx

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